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I'm DJ 2 Rock, a passionate and energetic DJ dedicated to delivering the ultimate music experience. With a diverse music background and crowd-reading skills, I create electrifying atmospheres that keep the dance floor alive.

Music is my truest form of expression. I've mastered blending genres and eras to create unforgettable mixes that ignite the party spirit.

I bring professionalism, creativity, and expertise to every moment, ensuring pure sonic bliss.

But it's not just about the music. I believe in engaging all the senses, with captivating visuals and stage presence that complement the audio journey.

My dedication has earned me a loyal following, connecting with my audience on a deeper level and adapting my sets to deliver an unforgettable experience every time.

Whether you want to ignite a dance floor, create an energetic atmosphere, or elevate your event, DJ 2 Rock is here to make it happen. Let's create musical memories that last a lifetime!


I play at all kind of events!



Lake Worth, US

Phone: 561-502-1742

Email: Dj2RockRam@gmail.com

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